The news this outlet and others covered last week concerning the Boise housing market's values continue to gain national attention. You can read our coverage of how the Boise market is in trouble here.  The national financial network, CNBC, took the time to speak to a local Boise realtor to get her firsthand perspective on the Boise housing market. 

Dawn Templeton from Templeton Real Estate Group provided a more optimistic picture of the area's housing market than some national outlets. She told CNBC that sale prices in the Boise market are12% compared to June last year. Mrs. Templeton says that one of the reasons for the recent price corrections was that the historical home values were not sustainable.

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Boise buyers see more of an opportunity, Mrs. Templeton shares with CNBC. She says there is a lot more inventory on the market than most Boise buyers saw last summer. Several folks were so desperate to buy homes that they agreed to outrageous demands from sellers, such as allowing the seller to live rent-free for several months, no inspections, and buying homes thousands of dollars over the asking price.

"Our market is shifting, but it's not the gloom and doom that some people are painting it to be," Mrs. Templeton tells CNBC.  The real estate agent does reveal that she and other are seeing price reductions in the field.  "I think we're doing an adjustment to get things back to reality."

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