Bronco Nation held its breath after Boise State's 28-17 loss on Saturday afternoon.  The loss put us in a holding pattern to find out if the Mountain West Championship would be coming to the Blue or not.

Before Boise State even took "The Blue" against Air Force last Saturday, we knew that they'd already secured the "Mountain Division" spot in the conference championship against Fresno State. The question going in to yesterday's game on the road in Fresno was, who would host the game?

With Boise State falling to the Bulldogs, we had to wait until the computer polls came out this morning to find out. Whichever team ranked higher in those would get home field advantage in the MWC Championship games.  Left over from the BCS era, the Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Wolfe and Anderson & Hester rankings were averaged to determine the final standings.  It was close, but Boise State ranked ahead of Fresno State 30.25 to 34.25.

That means the tickets that have been on sale for the past week will work for this weekend's game! If you want to grab a pair and enjoy one last BSU tailgate this year, tickets inside the stadium are a steal! Normally the lowest tier ticket to get you in the stadium (GA seating in the North End Zone) costs $34.50, but that's not the case for the MWC Championship game.  $40 gets you a ticket in the main stadium or south end zone.  $20 gets you into the GA North End Zone.  Student tickets are free and their guests' tickets are only $9.

Click HERE to get your tickets to cheer on the Broncos!

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