Forget tearing down those blue and orange tents in freezing cold temps under the glow of the scoreboard.  There's a new tailgate option available for the Broncos 2018 season and it is AWESOME! 

For the past six years, in some way, shape or form, I've been involved in splitting a tailgate spot with a group of friends on Bronco game day.  I've become so spoiled by it that I can't imagine what game day would be like without that little piece of blue and orange paradise! That said, some people in the group are less willing than others to stick around until the end of the game to help tear down the tables, chairs and tents.  Somehow it always seem like my husband and I get stuck with clean-up duty.  When the temps plummet later in the season, trying to feel your fingers enough to push in the buttons that drop the tents really, really sucks. I wish there was a way to enjoy tailgating without the set-up and tear-down.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

The college football gods must have heard my wish, because now there is! This year, Boise State is turning the Broncos' grass practice field at DeChevrieux Field into the family friendly Ford Tailgate Zone! According to KTVB, it'll offer Bronco fans who don't have a normal tailgate spot to call their own a place to rally before kickoff, catch some of the nation's other big games on large-screen TVs and set the kids loose on inflatables and climbing wall. It opens three hours prior to kick-off.

It sounds neat, but I'm more excited about what they're offering around the edge of the practice field! They're partnering with a company called BlockParty that offers turnkey tailgating and a concierge service at a few other major colleges like LSU, UCLA and Mizzou.

The packages are offered on a per game basis and includes setup, breakdown and bellhop service for your tailgate area.  No joke.  You just show up and your spot is ready.  If you need a hand unloading something and carrying it to your spot, use FanText and your handy BSU bellhop will come to help you out!

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

The turnkey spots can accommodate anywhere between 10-40 people and include pre-set up amenities like tents, chairs, coolers with ice, covered tables and high tops, outdoor furniture and personalized tailgate sign.  Gold packages also allow you to pick a media add-on that includes a personal TV and satellite set-up at the tent.

The first game the service will be offered at is the San Diego State game on Saturday, October 6.  Classic Packages start at $400.  Now before you say that sounds a bit pricey, the package accommodates 10 people. If your friends pitch in, that's only $40 a head! As someone who's spent her fair share of evenings tearing down tailgates in the dark, rain and snow, $40 is well worth just being able to leave at the end of the game without cleaning up!

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