It was news unlike anything we are used to seeing in the Treasure Valley--a Boise State student killed in his home not far from campus. The accidental shooting, which happened in August of 2019, pained many around Boise State University, Boise State's Hockey program, and the greater Treasure Valley. Now, in an effort to give tribute to the life of the student, Bobby Skinner, the Idaho Steelheads, Steelheads Booster Club, and Boise State Men's Hockey Team have all come together to create a scholarship in Bobby Skinner's name.

Our dear friend Rocci Johnson is constantly on the forefront of these types of efforts in the Treasure Valley and as one could expect--she's behind this effort, too.

Having organized a GoFundMe page, Johnson hopes to raise $2,500 which combined with the already raised $7,500 from other sources, puts the scholarship effort at it's ultimate goal.

As shared via the GoFundMe Page:

To give tribute to Bobby’s life and his love of hockey, the Idaho Steelheads, Steelheads Booster Club and Boise State Men's Hockey Team have joined forces in order to Bobby's honor for his first love, hockey. All funds from this effort will go to support youth hockey players in the Treasure Valley in Idaho whose families are unable to afford the sport they love.  Funds will be distributed through the City of Boise's Youth Hockey Programs at Idaho Ice World in Boise.

To see the page, learn more, and donate to the cause, just click HERE.

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