Walking across campus at night alone can be a little scary, but Boise State students don't have to do that anymore thanks to a handy new safety strategy.

Boise State is giving students more resources when it comes to self-protection.  It's an approach that offers security and comfort with the hope that you never need to call the whole thing into action.

The Rave Guardian App sends out alerts to people on your Guardian list while you're traveling from point A to point B, and lets them know when you've arrived at your destination.  If you don't disable the timer, notifications go out to people on your Guardian list to come looking for you.

Boise State Public Safety tweeted, "Need a Guardian for walking across #BoiseState campus at night? You can either call Public Safety at 208-426-6911 for a Security Escort OR you can download our free Rave Guardian App to stay in touch with our Communications Center."

No need to ever walk on campus alone at night if you don't want to.  I spent four years walking across campus at the University of Nebraska, and I'll admit looking over my shoulder a few times after getting a creepy feeling from a solo gazer.  Most guys on campus were friendly and sane, but ya never know.  Precautions are nice sometimes.

Use that security escort if you need it, and look for the Rave Guardian app in the app stores.  Follow @boisestatelive for more.

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