For now, Bronco fans still have college football to look forward to this fall. We'll just have to wait a couple weeks longer. 

As the workday was wrapping up on Wednesday, the Mountain West announced its plans for fall sports, including football. While "Olympic" sports like cross country, women's soccer and volleyball are permitted to compete this fall they will only be allowed to compete against other members of the Mountain West.

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Football teams will be allowed to play in eight conference games and two additional non-conference games. Boise State currently has four non-conference games on the schedule: Georgia Southern, Florida State, Marshall and BYU. We know that Florida State is off as due to the ACC's rules for the 2020 season. The ACC will play 10 conference games and one non-conference game. That non-conference game needs to be a home game or an in-state game. Florida State was scheduled to play on The Blue in Boise this season.

Georgia Southern will probably be the other non-conference game to fall, as it falls before the week of September 26 when football games are allowed to begin.

An official adjusted schedule for the conference and the university are still pending.

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