If we asked you to name the similarities between Boise, Idaho and Memphis, Tennessee-- could you? Aside from a few minor things, we really can't draw many conclusions.

In the world of sports, however, these two places have one large thing in common: a need to prove their place on a larger stage-- especially in college athletics.

The University of Memphis, much like Boise State University, has been trying to crack into the Power 5 for years and now, these two "mid-major" powers are going to be meeting.

  Not only have Boise State and Memphis battled to be the top-ranked non-power 5 team for several years in football, but they've also battled on the basketball court. Two years ago, Memphis defeated Boise State in the NIT. Again, last year, Memphis defeated Boise State in the first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament. The Tigers also stole Abu Kigab from the Broncos in the transfer portal just a few weeks ago. There's more of a rivalry boiling in Memphis for Boise State right now than many would assume.  


While this matchup may make sense for football fans-- not everyone is impressed--like this critic that wants to see Boise State just take on the big guys:


With conference realignments on the minds of many, who knows what till change for the Broncos and the Tigers between now and 2023--but we can't wait to watch it!

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