Boise State University has announced the end of its mask mandate. The university issued their instructions to staff, students, and others via email reports from the Arbiter. The mask mandate has been controversial for the months that the policy was in place.  

In another move, Boise Public Schools has decided to end its mask mandate deciding that masks will not be mandatory. Like Boise State, the mask mandates have caused parents and students to protest against the policy.  KTVB reports that vaccinated students and staff will not have to wear masks, and others will be encouraged to wear masks. 

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The decision to remove the mask mandates by both systems appears to result from Ada County Covid infections dropping in the county. The mask mandates have been the cause of many demonstrations during the height of the pandemic. Boise received national attention for organizing a mask-burning protest at Boise City Hall.  

In another move related to the lessening threat of Covid, the Idaho House passed a resolution seeking to end the governor's use of emergency powers. The bill passed the house and will move on to the senate.  The Idaho Statesman says the 'concurrent bill' does not need the governor's signature.  

The governor has a lot of allies in the senate, so passing the concurrent bill could prove to be complicated. Many Idahoans have grown increasingly uncomfortable with the governor's powers under the emergency order. His primary opponents have heavily criticized Governor Little for 'seizing power during the pandemic. Some Idahoans would like to continue the emergency orders to continue the funding from Russia. 

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