It's not because there aren't food industry jobs out there. There are. However, another booming job market pays much better.

So, where are all the waiters going? The cooks? The dishwashers? Even the table bussers?! The answer isn't super surprising.

They're taking construction jobs in the Treasure Valley. The reason? It pays a lot better.  Many restaurant workers say they can make up to double their pay in construction, to the tune of up to $25 an hour. The owner of the West Side Drive In, Lou Aaron, explains:

Construction just pays so much more. You know there's risk involved in construction because when it slows down job close down but in Boise it doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon so it's been hard.

The bad news is, this means a lot of restaurants in and around Boise are short staffed. That does mean, however, that eateries are hiring right now if you're looking for a new job!

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