Boise Police are launching an investigation into several missing or damaged Gay Pride Flags. The issue of stolen flags hits close to home in Boise's gay community as June is Gay Pride Month.  

The Boise Police Department issued a release detailing the missing and damaged Gay Pride flags that were on Harrison Boulevard. Recently several media outlets have covered the neighborhood putting up the flags in a show of unity. The Pride Flags are not the property of private individuals but of the Pride Foundation. The group coordinated with the North End Neighborhood Association for Pride to display the flags.

Boise Police was notified of the missing flags on Wednesday as folks noticed they were missing. The department does not know when the flags were taken and says it could've happened early in the week. BPD says that 21 flags were missing while one was damaged. Thursday morning, after a quick recon of the area, police say an additional 14 flags are gone adding that around 35 flags are gone or have been damaged. 

The department is currently investigating the flags' whereabouts and has gone to every home between W. Ada Street and W. Bella Street. There could be a break in the case as many of those folks have surveillance cameras which could aid the police in identifying the culprits.  

If you have any information or videos that could help, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Boise Police Department. "The Boise Police department is directing a number of resources to investigate this crime and detectives are working to identify those responsible and hold them accountable," said Boise Police Deputy Chief Tammany Brooks. "Our officers will not tolerate any crime that targets or makes someone feel targeted because of who they are or who they choose to love."

The police want you to contact their LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer, Dan Lister. if you have any information that could crack the case. You can reach him at

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