Summer in the Treasure Valley was full of fun lip sync videos from our community's police departments (and a couple of food trucks.) At the height of the challenge's popularity, people kept asking one question "What is the Boise Police Department waiting for?!"

The Boise Police Department shared their lip sync challenge video on Thursdays, September 20.  I mention the date because September 20, 2018 is the 21st anniversary of one of the department's darkest days.

In the early hours of September 20, 1997, Officer Mark Stall was called in as back-up when the occupants of a car that had been pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop refused to comply with police orders. Upon exiting the vehicle, the occupants opened fire on officers.  The suspects were killed on the scene, but managed to fatally shoot Officer Stall above his vest before being brought down.  At 29 years-old, he was the first officer in the history of the Boise Police Department to die in the line of duty.  The department fondly remembers Officer Stall as someone who loved fun and silly things like the lip sync challenge and they released their video as a tribute to the fallen officer.

It is my honor to share this powerful video with you.  Grab a tissue. You're going to need it.

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