Have you ever considered bringing home a furry friend that can be your companion through it all? Perhaps you lost a pet years ago and haven't filled that void in your home yet or maybe you are ready to bring a pet into the home for the first time. Have you ever considered a cat?

Cats can get a bad wrap for being devious and as it was once quoted in the great show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"-- cat's do NOT abide by the laws of nature! They all have their own fun and unique personalities.

Simply Cats of Boise is one of many shelters in the area that are helping cats find their forever homes--of course, focusing on cats and only cats is what makes them so unique!

As shared on their website, their values are:

High quality care: we treat the cats entrusted to us with respect and the highest level of veterinary care.
Innovation: we develop programs that continually keep us on the cutting edge of the animal welfare industry; and promote personal & professional development for our team.
Human-animal bond: we educate the community and promote the importance of the human-animal bond.
People: we value all individuals and treat them with the highest level of respect and compassion.
Service: we offer unique services to our community
Financial Integrity: we commit to the highest standards of integrity in management of donor resources.

Simply Cats does not receive any government funds as a non-profit and relies on donors and community help to stay operational.

According to the shelter, they've been drowning in intake requests for cats since May 1st and now they need help from the public. They're seeing fewer adoptions and a lot more intake-- in other words, it's a GREAT TIME for you to drop by and look into adopting.

Want to bring home some furry friends? You can now adopt TWO cats for the price of one at Simply Cats through the month of July.

Want to learn more? Click HERE.

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