It's hard to believe that Survivor has been around for twenty years! 

The upcoming 40th season will go by the name of Survivor: Winners at War. CBS has invited back twenty of their "Sole Survivors" to compete for the biggest prize in series history, $2 million!

Among those past winners will be a familiar face.  Boise's Ben Driebergen won the Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers season of the reality series in 2017 and will compete on the upcoming season.

I haven't watched enough of the series to totally understand the twist that saved Ben from elimination during his first season on the show but it had something to do with a surprise note, fire making challenge and his cast mates wanting to vote him off the island the entire season.  At some point during the finale, Ben went from having 0 chance of winning to at least a 50% chance. At the end of the chaos, the jury awarded the Boise native $1 Million.

In case you're not familiar with series, Ben is a 2001 Capital High grad who went on to serve the country as a Marine.  After returning home from Iraq, he felt himself floating from place to place...eventually ending up in Texas for a period of time.  While in Texas he tasked himself with the extremely difficult task of hand delivering one of his friend's dog tags to his mother.  The fellow Marine was killed while he and Driebergen were serving in Iraq and Driebergen felt that it was his duty to make sure the dog tags made it back to the family.

He now splits his time between working in real estate and being a stay at home dad. According to his cast bio, Ben plans to be more humble and patient than he was during his first Survivor appearance but still plans to hit the gas pedal when it's time to prove he should be the Sole Survivor a second time around!

The new season kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, February 12 on CBS. You can see Ben about 17 seconds into this preview from Survivor's Instagram.

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