Boise's recycling efforts got a big boost this week with the opening of a new recycling drop-off spot.

Boise used to have mountains of broken glass just sitting there, waiting to be recycled, but it didn't happen back in 2010 because of a broken down glass crusher.  Boise Weekly says things have gotten lots better, and not only is the city keeping up with recycling those 30-foot mountains of glass now, but it's opening up a new collection site too.

The Curb It program has a total of 16 glass recycling collection sites in Boise now with the opening of the new collection spot outside of the Albertsons at the corner of Ustick and Five Mile roads.

What happens to all that glass anyway? They crush it up and make it into industrial abrasives for cleaning or polishing metal and stone.

In Boise, it seems like it's easy being green.


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