Boise offers several different ways to recycle and help the environment. But if statistics are any indication, guys probably aren't going to do it, because being green undermines their ability to feel macho.  Really? Does going green make your hubby feel like a wimp?

Women are usually the bosses it seems, when it comes to household recycling efforts.  We are air traffic controllers in the kitchen, directing the flow of cardboard boxes, newspapers, and glass bottles to the recycle bin, and the greasy aluminum foil and apple cores to the regular trash.  And don't mess it up!  If you do, we're not above digging out that empty egg carton and putting it in the right spot.

The Washington Post ran an article that said guys generally don't recycle or conserve water as much, because going green is a feminine thing and if they get to into it, it makes them feel like a wimp.  Do you agree?  As the Post put it, "Your manliness could be hurting the planet."

The City of Boise doesn't say recycling is macho necessarily, but it does say it's easy and it not only helps the environment, but it helps the local economy too.  It's unlimited recycling in the bins every two weeks at the curb (no glass), and you don't even have to take the labels off of the cans and containers - just toss it all right in the bin.   Don't make your wife do it.

If anything makes you feel like a tough dude, it's tossing stuff into a slightly disorganized pile and muscling the whole thing to the curb, right?  Drink a beer while you're doing it, and then toss that can into the bin too.  Maybe recycling can be macho after all.

Recycling is sexy, right?  Ok, maybe we won't go that far.  But doing it regularly just might keep the peace at home while it helps the planet.

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