My man called it. We knew that the cardboard recycling center was going to be overflowing after Christmas, but common Boise. It takes like 1 minute or less to break down a box and make it flat giving the bins WAY more room for more boxes. This overflowing mess just leaves more unnecessary work for the employees. With some of the massive boxes that are just thrown in with no effort in squishing, stomping or breaking down, like 20 flat boxes could fit in their place.

Boxes after Christmas, Photo by Kris Zahm
Boxes after Christmas, Photo by Kris Zahm

I have very few pet peeves, but unnecessary rudeness and laziness are on the list and this folks, is both. There is a lot of craziness in the world and in Idaho and in Boise and this is such a silly thing to get frustrated about, I am well aware, but I had to point it out. Get a box cutter, or a knife or scissors, or just rip the tape and break the box down. More room, less of a disaster mess and a happier day for those working on or right after the holiday rush. That being said, thank you for at least recycling the boxes rather than just trashing them, which I am sure many people did.

That is all, sorry for being dramatic about a little thing but I couldn't help myself. It just bothers me and I needed to speak up about it. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a happier and better new year.

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