Over the last year, the City of Boise has implemented and received praise for the new composting program, and now, they're going to be rolling out a new plastics program.

Spurred on by a decision from China that ended a program of recycling plastics from United States there, the City of Boise decided to come up with a new way to avoid those plastics ending up in Treasure Valley landfills.

Now, the Boise Public Works Department will be delivering new orange recycling bags.  Those bags can be filled with specific categories of plastics, and then put into current recycling bins to be collected.

Those plastics will be sent to Salt Lake City and then processed into diesel fuel, instead of taking up space in the landfill.

The orange bags will begin showing up in Boise neighborhoods within around a month, depending on where in the city you live.  City officials do want to ensure it's known that you can still put paper, cardboard, and larger plastics (like milk containers or sport drink bottles) directly into your recycling bin.

The new orange bags will be for things like candy and food wrappers, plastic shopping bags, and foams.

You can find out more about the program and how to sort your stuff, thanks to KIVI TV 6.

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