The once invulnerable Boise housing market is slowing down. We've heard from several experts about developments within the housing market. Several builders have stopped building on new construction. Here are the following facts that have been told to us concerning the Boise market.  

"Demand is way off, and there has been a 100% increase in inventory in the last 60 days," Greg Ferrera of Real Estate Rescue Idaho. He continued by sharing that mortgage applications are off by 50%.  

Boise Based IndieDwell Has Another Solution To The Treasure Valley's Housing Crisis

Unlike Boxable, Boise-based IndieDwell is focused on multi-family housing for low-income residents. In addition to apartment complexes, they work on subdivisions and have projects currently in the works in the Los Angeles area.

Last year, our real estate market was like the wild, wild west. Buyers were so desperate to buy a home in the Boise area that it was not unusual for homes to garner multiple offers, with some houses being sold for as much as one hundred thousand dollars over the asking price. The summer of 2022 appears to be very different from last summer.

The Idaho Stateman details that homes now are being discounted by as much as one hundred thousand dollars. The Boise area housing market has gained national attention for being the most overvalued housing market in the country. It looks like the rising interest rates are impacting the buying power of would-be Idaho homeowners. 

Boise Ranks Among Worst on This Shocking Top 15 List

This new information has made locals absolutely furious.

Other factors that have will continue to erode the Boise market is the rise of home prices without the ability of workers to afford to buy them.  In other words, Idaho wages haven't kept up with the escalation of home prices.  Local law enforcement officials have told us that they cannot hire folks to work in our area because of the home prices.

The days of pending after a day on the market appear to be over at least during the first few weeks of June.  Experts tell us now that reduced signs are appearing after a few weeks on the market.

Could The Answer To Boise's Housing Crisis Be In A Box?

These photos are from the unboxing of a Boxabl home in Texas. They say that the homeowner is a VIP and there are several books about rockets and space inside. Could this be the actual Boxabl home that Elon Musk lives in?

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