A new study shows Boise has the lowest crime rate among the best cities in the country!

Msn.com just released a report from Gallup of the "Best Places to Live in the U.S."

Boise came in #6 on the list, which is not only impressive, but also not a huge shocker since Treasure Valley cities have been making "Best Of" lists for years. What stood out to me about this study was ...

Boise has the "Lowest Crime Rate" out of all of the major cities ranked!!

The study also placed Boise at #4 for "Quality of Life."

The average commute for those living in Boise is 21.5 minutes which is not too shabby.

They also discovered ...

The average home price is $232,500

The average income is $41,550

For more details on this study and to view the rankings of other cities click HERE.

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