Today (July 2) is World UFO Day, so it's a good time to look out the window to see if you notice any flying saucers hovering about. Boise has already had a bunch of UFO sightings this year, and at the rate we're going, we could have more today.

The National UFO Reporting Center has been around since 1974 and lovers of outer space have been relying on the group to track every report of an unidentified flying object since then. The UFO Reporting Center says there have been more than 120,000 UFO sightings around the globe over the years. And dozens of those have been in Idaho in 2019, with at least four in Boise in June.

The National UFO Reporting Center said the reports this year across the US have ranged from "strange lights" to "crafts hovering above people's cars and houses."

There have been more than several UFO sightings in the Treasure Valley since April, including thirteen in Boise.  And others earlier in the year came from Nampa, Meridian, and Kuna.

On March 21 in Nampa someone told the UFO Reporting Center, "We were walking along lake lowell as three incredibly bright lights appeared in a triangle formation moving across the sky."

A UFO report from Boise May 9th said, "I saw a formation in the night sky. it was massive like stars but they were not stars. it was a formation."

And on May 23 a Meridian resident saw this:  "Mother ship size cylinder/cigar object with 6 lights moving west to east."

Most UFO reports include the words "formation" and "lights" and whatever the thing is that creates them never sticks around long enough to reveal to us what in the world it is.  It's there and then it's gone.


World UFO Day is celebrated every year on July 2, and marks the anniversary of the Roswell Incident in 1947. On that day, witnesses said they saw a "disc-shaped object" in the sky and heard an explosion. After that came the controversy about whether or not aliens visited us and crashed their spaceship that day, and whether there might have been a cover-up. There is your break room conversation for the rest of your workday.

No matter what you think about aliens and UFOs, tonight will be a good night to grab your significant other and/or the kids and sit on a blanket and stare at the sky for a while. Apparently, we've got plenty happening in the skies over the Treasure Valley.

If you see a UFO, report it HERE, and let us know!

And remember, E.T. will not make a good pet.

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