Boise hasn't received the 130 inches of snow that Sun Valley is at so far this February but we have had A LOT of precipitation.  As of now, this is the most ever in the history of Boise, Idaho.  And that record goes back more than 140 years.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Boise is currently at 3.71 inches of precipitation which beats our 1986 record of 3.7 inches.  Before that, you have to go way back to prior records that were set in 1881, 1916, 1890, 1902 and 1891.

A lot of our precipitation has come in the form of rain unlike two years ago when Snowmageddon hit our beautiful valley.  We've had our share of snow as well but with rain following relatively quickly, it's pretty much washed that away so we're not getting conditions like the following pictures that were taken in Nampa...

Snowmageddon 2017

We did get our fair share of snow here in Boise this Winter.  The average snowfall is 2.8 inches in February.  The National Weather Service reports Boise has received 11.6 inches this month.  That's 9th overall.  More than Snowmageddon two years ago.  It's actually the most snow we've received in February since 1949.

All this snow has not necessarily been good for every Idaho ski resort.  Soldier Mountain is closed down today so they can dig out roads and equipment to prepare for the weekend.

Bottom line is, we've had A LOT  of moisture.  March is just one day away and it doesn't look like Mother Nature's going to stop anytime soon.  KTVB reports another storm heading into the Treasure Valley next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  With highs around 50, it'll most likely be raining here in Boise but the mountains will keep on adding snow to a record year.

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