Spend any time online, around the news, or reading headlines, and you'll get a grasp of just how messy the situation in Afghanistan is at the moment. While it may be on the other side of the globe, for the past 20 years our country, including many service men and women from the State of Idaho, have been deployed to fight the war in Afghanistan. Tour after tour, many Idahoans risked it all and some gave it all, for our country in Afghanistan.

As President Joe Biden's orders to get out of Afghanistan have come to life and the United States of America has began to pull out, more and more chaos has ensued, as expected. In a brutal attack by a terrorist group, more than 100 people were killed at the Kabul airport last week--13 of those casualties were United States service members.

Here in Idaho, individuals and businesses alike are reacting.

You may have seen it on social media--tributes to the fallen American heroes were making their rounds. You could say it's a play on words because of a few of these tributes were literally, "rounds".

As Twin Peaks wrote on their Facebook page, with 13 beers poured out next to an American flag:

In another post from across town, Cowgirls in Kuna shared 13 beers for the fallen soldiers: 


Over at The Village in Meridian, Sid's Garage, a popular burger and beer destination, did the same:

It is moments and small acts like that that only contribute to the charm of the Treasure Valley and we both thank and appreciate these Boise businesses--and any others--for their willingness to recognize and honor those who served our nation.


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