Recently I came across a show on National Geographic called "Inside Airport Lost and Found." It was fun to see the process of how an airport lost and found actually works at a place like Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. I'd like to know how different the Boise Airport operates its lost and found. I saw it for myself; what I learned was surprising and a little shocking. 

If you use the Boise Airport, there are some things you need to know about how lost items are handled. For example, the airport, the TSA, and each airline have their own separate lost and found. However, all lost items typically end up in the same place after a certain amount of time. The most common place to lose something is outside on the curb or on a shelf in a bathroom stall. The most common items lost at the airport are driver's licenses and Apple AirPods. You'll see a list of the least common, craziest things at the end of this article.


Unlike the much larger Seatte-Tacoma Airport, BOI doesn't have a dedicated lost and found team. Instead, lost and found is handled by the Airport Operations Department. Lost and found is a fraction of that person's job. The airport can dedicate only a few hours to returning your things, so it's crucial to follow these simple ways to ensure that even if your item is misplaced, it gets returned promptly:

  • Make sure your items have contact information. A name and a phone number or email address can benefit the team that collects these items as they try to return them. 
  • Ensure you have a luggage tag on your suitcases and carry-on baggage. 
  • Once you realize you've lost an item, complete this online form with a detailed description as soon as possible. You can find the form on the Boise Airport website. There are also business cards above every airport paging phone with a QR code that leads you directly to the correct page.
  • Stay away from third-party companies telling you they will track down your items for a small fee. They are just charging you to fill out the same forms that you can fill out for free.

I was surprised to learn how much work the Boise Airport will do to return your lost items. Hannah Hoke, Airport Operations Supervisor, told me they will call if they find a phone number on the item. If they can only find an address, they will send a letter. They'll run a Google search if they can only find a name. They'll even try to get your phone's Siri app to call your mom! Over 70% of the lost items from the busy December travel season were returned to their rightful owners.  


So what are the craziest things that have made their way into Boise Airport's Lost and Found?  

The Unbelievable Items In The Boise Airport Lost And Found

Listed in order of most common to least common, but weird!

The airport typically keeps lost items for two weeks.  After that, it is sent to Ada County Property and Evidence.  It is stored there for six months before it is auctioned off.  Any item under $25 is donated after two weeks in the airport lost and found.

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A bowling pin, grenade, and a nail gun at Boise Airport?

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