Ladies, does your man shamelessly watch cartoons like mine does? Then chances are he's already marked November 2 on the calendar!

When my husband and I started dating he was living in Nampa but working in Downtown Boise.  More often than not, he would crash at my one bedroom apartment with me out of convenience.  Because I did mornings and he was a night owl, he would stay up for hours watching TV in the living room after I went to bed. Any time I came home from work and turned on my TV, it was always on Cartoon Network.  The relationship was still fairly new so it took me weeks to ask what the heck he was watching while I slept. Turns out he was watching cartoons like Family Guy, Futurama and Bob's Burgers on Adult Swim.

That's exactly why his head almost exploded when I told him Bob's Burgers is coming to Boise! Boise based boutique caterer "Wild Plum" is transforming their event space into Bob's Burgers on Friday, November 2 from 6-9 p.m. The menu will feature "Burgers of the Day" inspired by the FOX Animation Domination cartoon and the staff will be wearing their very best Belcher family outfits!

Have a Bob's Burger themed outfit of your own? Wear it to the event for a chance to win prizes! No tickets are necessary for the event.  Simply show up at 1621 N Orchard Street in Boise.

We can't wait to check it out.  Has anyone reached out to H. Jon Benjamin who voices Bob Belcher? The guy is doing Arby's commercials right now so it's pretty clear that he's down for just about anything.  If enough of us spam him on Twitter, maybe he'll check it out? ::fingers crossed::

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