Is Bigfoot real? That's the age-old question that has been debated for years as people swear to have seen sightings of the elusive, folkloric legend.

Our cultural obsession runs so deep that there's an entire Reddit thread dedicated to Bigfoot — also known as Sasquatch — where users share news, photos, rumors and alleged sightings of the larger-than-life creature.

An individual recently divided the forum after he shared a photo of a "footprint found at the top of a hike in Big Sur, CA," asking users what they thought of the mysteriously large imprint.

See the photo below:

Habanereo via Bigfoot Reddit
@habanereo via Bigfoot Reddit

The post was met with mixed reactions.

Some users brushed it off as just a regular shoe imprint. "Def a regular old footprint nothing else," one user wrote, while another commented: "I'm not a foot-y-ologist but my first impression as a casual observer, in 1.5 seconds, was that the outer lines are really bold and perfectly curved. That alone convinced me that it’s a factory cut sole. Plus the toe end is faded out, nothing about this looks like a bare foot imo."

Others, though, agreed it could be Bigfoot.

"This is the first imprint I have seen that isn't clearly a bear. Good find! I wish the print was more fresh but this really does look more like a bigfoot track. I don't notice the double step of a bear. It could have been human but i dont notice tread marks or shoe marks," one person wrote.

Another noticed the possible existence of toe imprints: "It does not look like a boot print It looks like some of the toes are visible."

Another user remained on the fence: "I would say inconclusive based on erosion and distortion. If this had been a non-rain and fresher print it would have been easier to critique and probably more obvious as to whether it's human made or sasquatch."

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