The internet went crazy when the Washington State Department of Transportation claimed to have spotted Sasquatch on one of their traffic cams in January. 

The fuzzy image showed what looked like Bigfoot walking up a snowy hillside near Sherman pass. At that point, hundreds of people started saying that they believed and shared their own stories of Bigfoot sightings in the comments section of WSDOT's social media posts.

Unfortunately, for believers the video turned out to be a bit of a hoax. The department made a follow-up post on February 26, explaining that they believed someone had placed a wood cutout in front of the tree in the video. They wanted to show the cutout, but when they returned to the site to grab photos for a reveal it had been removed.

That explains one sighting, but there have been hundreds of others made in the Northwest over the years and if you're into that sort of things, you'll have an opportunity to discuss them this summer!

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Squatch Con Boise, a bigfoot themed gathering and convention, is coming to Deathproof Coffee Events Center on Fairview on June 13. During the convention, you'll be able to swap bigfoot stories, buy bigfoot themed merchandise and post about your own bigfoot encounter on the reader board for others to read later.

The event will also include a map of bigfoot sightings made in the Gem State and a full-sized bigfoot for photo-ops. Tickets are $6 per person, but kids 12 and under are free.

I'm not sure that I'm convinced that bigfoot actually does exist, but I have been to plenty of "nerd" conventions in the past. I love the "con" atmosphere because you go into those events knowing that you're surrounded by like minded individuals who are ready and willing to talk to about something you feel passionately about. So if you're in to bigfoot stories, I say this one will probably be well worth your time!

If you want to find out more about the event or apply to be a vendor, click HERE!

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