Boise. Come on now. You're better than this.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Idaho and a good chunk of them coming from Ada County, Boise's mayor signed a public health order requiring masks to be worn in public places. An exemption kicks in while someone is eating or drinking at a restaurant if they're at least six feet away from persons who are not members of the same party. Technically, that means if you're dining in Boise you should have yours on until your server brings something to your table.

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That's why Boise's famed burger joint, Big Jud's, has purchased enough masks to offer a free one to unmasked costumers who are able to wear one. We think that's a pretty kind gesture since the mandate is so new that some of us don't have masks committed to the mental check list we run through as we're leaving the house or office.

Unfortunately, one party of seven didn't appreciate the neighborly offer. According to the Big Jud's Facebook page, the father grabbed one of the children's crayons and left behind the following profane message on that complimentary mask.

I'll say it again. Come on Boise. You're better than this. You KNOW that the servers who work at Boise's restaurants didn't come up with this idea just to inconvenience you. They've already had to deal with the anxiety of being totally out of work or working reduced hours during the "stay home" order. They're just trying to get by. They don't deserve this.

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