Shoshone Falls has long been known as the "Niagara of the West." During the second half of May, they will have something in common with the natural wonder they get their nickname from. 

One thing that Niagara Falls has going for it that Shoshone Falls doesn't is the fact that both the American Falls and Canadian Falls are illuminated every single night of the year. With the exception of the relatively new "Lights and Lasers" show that has taken place over a single weekend, Shoshone Falls isn't lit. Even then, that event is very different from the soft glow you see when you visit Niagara Falls.

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That's about to change thanks to a new event called "Shoshone Falls After Dark!" The new attraction will take place nightly from 9:00-11:130 p.m., May 14-31. During that time, the falls will be lit up and dance with color changing patterns set to music. The loop runs every 20 minutes. There will also be food vendor there so that families can grab snacks.

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If you intend to drive to the falls and park your vehicle in the park, you'll need to grab a $15 vehicle pass to park. Those passes are issued in 30 minute blocks due to parking capacity. Those passes are already on sale now and can be purchased by clicking HERE. If you want to see the brightest, most vibrant colors organizers recommend visiting after 10 p.m.

This show is independent of the Lights and Lasers show which is expected to return for its fourth year this fall.

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