This is one of those stories you hear about and think it had to have happened on another planet.  But nope, it was right here in Idaho.

What must it have been like to be at this bar while this was happening?  I've only witnessed one bar fight in my life and it involved two fraternity guys at a bar in Lincoln, Nebraska where I went to college as a Cornhusker, and neither of them was very serious about causing major damage to the other.  It amounted to a couple of spilled drinks and a little shoving, and that was it.  I can't imagine the bloody mess that must have been left after one man bit another's nose off.  It happened in Pocatello.

The Idaho State Journal said it happened around 1:10 a.m. last Sunday as a group was celebrating a birthday at the Odyssey Bar on East Center Street in Pocatello, and 38-year old Brandon Dalley had his nose bitten off.

40-year old Dereck Otero and Brandon Dalley got into an altercation inside the bar, and things got physical when the scuffle moved outside, according to police.  Officers said Dalley pinned Otero to the ground and punched him several times in the face, and then Otero grabbed Dalley’s head and bit his nose off.  Pocatello police said someone at the bar retrieved the nose and put it on ice so it could be reattached.

Oh my goodness.  If there is any bright side to this, it's that Brandon Dalley did have successful surgery to reattach the nose, and he's home recovering now.  He has to worry about infection, scarring, and probably a list of other things he wasn't thinking about at this time last week, but at least the recovery process has begun.  Otero had some injuries too, but those didn't require hospitalization.  I hope both guys have a speedy recovery.

Both Dalley and Otero were cited for misdemeanor offenses, and have court dates coming up in April.

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