I’ve seen YouTube videos of police dogs doing their thing, but I’ve never actually seen it in person—though I’ve always wanted to.

The Nampa Police Department posted to Facebook yesterday saying, “What a fun opportunity we had late last week at Nampa’s Amazon! They had a special employer/employee family event that highlighted our K-9 Unit and showed their appreciation for First Responders.”

Oh, but this wasn’t just any employee party, they brought all the dogs and had a “K-9 Demo.”

“We were invited to do a K-9 demo, so we loaded up several of our dogs and had a great time talking about the program, our work in the community and the team’s training. K-9s Huck, Newton and Yager attended and did some show-and-tell. The crowd was really engaged, and we had lots of time for some good Q & A.”

How fun is that?! That is such a cool thing, and props to Nampa’s Amazon for hosting this community-building event.

Check out these photos from the K-9 Demo. In the photos are K-9 handlers/Officers Brett Freidli, Serena Tlucek and Brice King, as well as the K-9s Huck, Newton, and Yager.

Amazon Highlights Nampa Police Department & K-9 Units at First Responder Celebration

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