Here are some questions we asked both Siri and Alexa to see what their responses would be to various questions about Idaho, Boise and the Treasure Valley? We asked everything from questions about history, statistics, population, recommendations and more. So who really knows more about the gem state?

Why is Idaho called the Gem State?

Alexa: "Here is something I found on the web. According to Gem State is a most fitting name for Idaho because the state produces more than 240 different types of minerals."

Siri: "The official state nickname is "The Gem State" which references Idaho's natural beauty." (links to wikipedia)

How long is the Snake River?

Alexa: "The Snake River is 1,078 miles long."

Siri: "The Snake River is 91 miles long and with it's tributaries drains a 1,324-square mile area."  (links to wikipedia)

How did Idaho get it's name?

Alexa: "The name's origin remains a mystery. In the early 1860's when the U.S. Congress was considering organizing a new territory in the Rocky Mountains, the name "Idaho" was suggested by George M. Willing, a politician posing as an unrecognized delegate from the unofficial Jefferson Territory."

Siri: "The name Idaho is thought to be derived from a Shoshone phrase meaning "gem of the mountains" (links to

Why is the Boise State Mascot a Bronco?

Alexa: "Boise State University's mascot is Buster Bronco." - ah, that didn't answer my question Alexa.

Siri: (Links to "During the first year of classes (1932-1933), Boise Junior College Student picked the Bronco mascot because it represented the wild horses that roamed the Owyhees."

Why are the Boise State Colors Orange and Blue?

Alexa: According to an Alexa Answers contributor: In 1986 Gene Bleymaier had the idea to replace the field with something other than the traditional green.  - That didn't answer my question.

Siri: "Ok, I found this on the web for Why is the Boise state colors orange and blue, check it out." (top link goes to - which states "Boise State's Colors have been blue and orange since 1932 and we display them proudly.

What is the best Boise restaurant?

Alexa: She only came up with one: Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery.

Siri: She lists 5 restaurants in this order. Tony's Pizzeria Teatro, Top Dog Grill, Taphouse, Mala Luna, Moon's Kitchen Cafe.

Where is the best Breakfast place in Boise?

Alexa: The top 5 she lists in order are: Goldy's Breakfast Bistro, Elmer's Restaurant, Main Street Deli, Form and Function, Goldy's Corner.

Siri: She lists 5 restaurants in this order: Moon's Kitchen Café, Waffle Me Up, Goldy's Breakfast Bistro, BACON, Big City Coffee & Café.

Why is it called the Treasure Valley?

Alexa: "Here's something I found on the web. According to Automobile traffic is increasing and air quality declining as more people move to this region, long called the Treasure Valley for its natural riches.

Siri: "Pete Olesen, president of the valley's association of local Chambers of Commerce, coined the name "Treasure Valley" in 1959 to reflect the treasure chest of resources and opportunities that the region offered." (links to wikipedia)


What is Idaho known for?

Alexa: She lists 5 things, Snake River, University of Idaho, Boise State University, Lake Pend Oreille, and Craters of the Moon

Siri: "Ok, I found these things on the web for what is Idaho most known for, check it out." gives links to,, and

What is the best potato recipe?

Alexa: She lists a bunch of recipes from various sources. Potato Roses from Tasty, Melting potatoes from food Kitchen, Summer Potato Salad from allrecipes, potato salad from food kitchen and Potato latkes from Tasty.

Siri: she gives links to 3 websites with potato recipes: themodernproper.comm,

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