It hasn't happened in 33 years...Water spilling over the top of the Salmon Falls Dam spillway forming an amazingly powerful and beautiful waterfall into the valley below.


The winter and spring have been so wet with so much snow that we are seeing some things here in Idaho for the first time in a generation. This video is an example of that, it shows just how powerful and beautiful Mother Nature can be. Thanks to a passerby, you get to see the exact second that the water flows over the spillway for the first times since 1984.

The Salmon Falls Dam is a man made dam, built in 1910 located about 30 miles south west of Twin Falls. It was built primarily to provide irrigation for farmers and ranchers and to create a lake for recreation. (Fishing and Boating)

With an abundance of fish including brown trout, Chinook and Kokanee salmon, yellow perch, black crappie, channel catfish, small mouth bass, and walleye, Salmon Falls reservoir is a very poplular location for fishing and also antelope and bird hunting. This is also home to one of the the premier walleye fisheries in Idaho, and trophy catches are common.

Here are directions or you can click on the link above for a Google map to take you directly to the falls and dam.

Google Maps

Location: 8 miles from Rogerson,  From Twin Falls take Highway 30 west 6 miles to the junction with Highway 93. Travel 30 miles south to Rogerson, then turn west on Three Creek Road. Salmon Falls Dam is about 8 miles down the road.

Here's another video taken a few days after the water began flowing: