It's good to love your job, and if you work at one Boise grocery store, you really love it.  

Forbes teamed up with the research company Statista to figure out the best companies to work for in 2019.  Apparently, it's fun to work around food, because they asked 50,000 workers about the environment at lots of different companies, and several grocery stores ended up among the best employers.

Mom and Pop shops didn't have much of a chance to score well because the survey only covered companies with over 1,000 employees.  And we know whether small or large, we've got plenty of places around the Treasure Valley that have good wages, benefits, and perks.  Those are the criteria used to decide on the best places to work in America, and Trader Joe’s came out on top.

It's interesting because Trader Joe's really does seem to be all about the people.  There's not an emphasis on the digital aspect, and they focus on being there in person to browse, read labels, and be awed by that unique and sometimes quirky private brand.   The in-person approach is refreshing, and it's one of the reasons Trader Joe's was voted the best of 2018 in a shopper's satisfaction survey.  Trader Joe's pancake bread has a big following, along with the mini stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches, and carrot cake spread.   Working there must be an adventure in temptation all day every day.

The top spots to work, according to Forbes include a couple of other Treasure Valley companies.

1.  Trader Joe's
2.  Southwest Airlines
3.  Lilly Drugs & Biotechnology
4.  Costco Wholesale
5.  Garmin
6.  Google
7.  Stanford University
8.  SC Johnson
9.  Mayo Clinic
10.  Michelin Group

There's a lot there that's tech-related, but a lot that isn't too.  Hurray for the human experience!  People make the office fun (or not fun), and congrats to Trader Joe's on the big win.

We just hope you love your job (and your co-workers), and thanks for listening at work.

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