We're not sure when it happened, but hubby and I have recently become true crime junkies. Honestly, I blame The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. 

A significant portion of our relationship revolves around NFL football and now that there are no games on Sunday evenings, we're struggling trying to figure out how to fill that time. The weekend after the season ended, we settled for watching Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on Netflix since it was the number one trending show. We were hooked as soon as I Googled exactly what I was thinking during the first five minutes "Which hotel was American Horror Story: Hotel based on?"

Sure enough, the inspiration for Hotel Cortez heaving pulled on the real like Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The deeper we got into the show, the more invested we got and realized how close we were to accidentally staying at the infamous hotel where Elisa Lam disappeared. In 2019, hubby asked me how important it was for me to have a bathroom in our hotel room and I looked at him like he was crazy. I hated community restrooms in college. Why the heck would we pay for that experience?!

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Apparently, he'd looked into staying at Stay on Main which is, indeed, part of The Cecil in disguise. Had I not been adamantly opposed to shared facilities, that's how we would've started the first leg of our honeymoon. I think that would've been grounds for divorce, yes? I'm glad he opted for the decidedly more upscale (yet expensive) JW Marriott Los Angeles LA Live.

Anyway, that docuseries was a wild ride and we binge watched the four episodes in one sitting. We did the same with Murder Among the Mormons this past weekend and now we're spinning our wheels to figure out what to watch next.

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Are you in the same boat? Well, we dug up five times Idaho was featured on nationally on Investigation Discovery and some of these stories are SUPER twisted. All five of these episodes are still available to watch online if you log-in with your television provider's info. We'll include the links so you can go down the rabbit hole.

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