Cancun, Padre Island, and Florida's Panama City Beach regularly draw hundreds of thousands of spring breakers each year, but there are other good options that might be cheaper, less crowded, and just as awesome.  And some of them are a lot closer to home.

Thinking about spring break usually brings up images of bikinis, beaches, and beer, but if you want to plan a getaway that will need less recovery time, there are several spots to consider around Idaho.  The travel expenses will be lower and you'll probably come home feeling a lot more refreshed.

Spring Break Ideas in Idaho:

Image via Youtube/Southern Idaho Tourism

1.  Shoshone Falls and Caldron Linn.  Caldron Linn is a 25-foot waterfall at Shoshone Falls, and that's on the Snake River in Twin Falls. Spring is supposed to be the best time to see Shoshone Falls because the snowpack is starting to melt and the water is moving at peak speed.


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2.  Castle Rocks State Park/City of Rocks National Reserve.  It's about three hours southeast of Boise, but if you're up for the drive you'll find hiking, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, and some skiing if winter is still hanging on.  Castle Rocks is a good spot for wildlife sightings too, for moose, mountain lions, and mule deer.


3.  Thousand Springs State Park.  You can set up a tour at the Minnie Miller dairy barn or take a hike around the island next to the Snake River.  You might be giving your brain a rest from learning during spring break, but Thousand Springs State Park is a good place to see some cool Idaho geological formations and discover some Oregon Trail history too.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

4.  The Ridge to Rivers trail system in the Boise Foothills.  If it's muddy it's not the time to go, but updates are always posted HERE to give us the latest conditions.  If the weather is right, spring break might be a good time to get some new pictures at Table Rock or bike along the Mountain Bike Loops in the trail system.


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5.   Boise River Greenbelt.  The good ole Greenbelt!  It's always on standby for us here in the Treasure Valley and we've been cheering it on as it's overcome flooding issues in the past couple of years.  If we have a wet spring, it might be good to check out the Boise Greenbelt on the east end of town, from Marianne Williams Park toward the Barber Pool Conservation Area, where it's is elevated enough that it should be dry.

Spring Break is coming up fast, and we'll keep the ideas coming to help you plan. Idaho has plenty to offer, and many of the good spots are pretty close to home.  And we can wait on that bikini!