At first, I thought that maybe my glass half-empty funk was caused by people arguing over COVID-19, masks, protests and well, pretty much everything on social media. Now I realize, the truth is that I'm just HANGRY!

It's been almost a month since I had my wisdom teeth removed. Going into the surgery, my surgeon warned me that at my age (I'm only in my 30s, but apparently that's ancient in dental years) recovery from an extraction like this can take a long while. I thought he was exaggerating and that I'd running at full speed again in less than a week. So, in typical me fashion I pushed myself too hard to get there and ended up with an infection, that's causing me all kinds of jaw pain and headaches. Which apparently "at my age" (WHY DOES HE KEEP SAYING THAT?!) is very common.

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Moral of the story? I haven't had a good meal since June 18. After eating soft foods for a month, I hate them all. The idea of having to eat actually makes me sad. My husband, bless his heart, is trying his hardest to cheer me up.

After coming home from working on a car with a friend, he was so excited that he found something that he thought I could eat and that I'd actually like. He then proceeds to hand me an Albertsons bag packed with six boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. His reaction was so cute that I didn't have the heart to tell them that just a few hours before he presented me with this gift...I'd gone on a long Facebook rant about all the foods I now hate. Guess what was at the top of that list? Macaroni and Cheese.

Foods I NEVER Want to Eat Again After Having My Wisdom Teeth Out:

  1. Macaroni and Cheese
  2. Yogurt
  3. Pudding
  4. Soup (Every kind)
  5. Spaghettios

In all seriousness, I've got questions to ask those of you who had your wisdom teeth out after the age of 25!

How long did your recovery take?

Will I ever feel normal again?

How many more weeks do I need to leave the office to rinse out my teeth after eating one of those sad foods for lunch?

I'm clearly the world's worst patient because I have no patience!

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