Who needs a dentist?  Just grab a rocket and fire it off.  That should do the trick!

This video made me laugh so hard!  I have three little boys and it’s amazing what they can get in to, even at the ages of 5 and 2.

When I was about ten years old, I brought home a very large garden snake and put it in a Nordstrom box in my closet.  That darn snake got out when I went to play at a friend's house.  It just happened to slither in to the family room where my dad was watching a Trailblazer basketball game on TV.  My mom had never seen my dad jump so high or scream like a girl, but he did.  Then he promptly went to the garage, got a shovel, and cut my snake in half.  I cried for days.  I know I’m in for some of those same shenanigans with my three boys.


Fun times ahead for our family, I’m just sure of it!  I'm grateful for all of it!


Make it a healthy day!



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