Soft foods? Check. Comfy clothes? Check. Driver? Check. I thought I'd prepared for everything, but this definitely took me by surprise.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely hate anything medical. That's why I avoid doctors like the plague but when a nagging pain in the back of my mouth came back for the third time in a year, I knew it was inevitable. At my last 10 years ago, I was told that I'd eventually have to get my wisdom teeth out but it wasn't something that we needed to worry about that day because they were still covered by bone. It took until my mid-30s, but all four of them needed to come out.

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During my per-surgery appointment Dr. Anderson and his staff at Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery were fantastic explaining to me what to expect leading up to, during and after the extraction but it was A LOT of information. I was a little overwhelmed, so I gave my husband a list of post-care questions to get answered before I came out of anesthesia. A few minutes after I left him, I got my IV and was out.

Going into the surgery, I was super nervous that I was going to say or do something completely stupid after I woke up. Short of confusing my tongue with gauze and asking for them to take it out of my mouth, I didn't do anything stupid at all. I didn't have time to before I was in a full blown panic!

As I was waking up, I could hear the nurses and Dr. Anderson saying "Sir, are you feeling ok? Would you like to sit down? He's going to need to lie down. Get a pillow." Even groggy and numb, it didn't take me long to realize what was happening. My husband was passing out in my exam room! Seeing him on the ground with his head on a little blue pillow and feet on a stool was the first thing I saw after opening my eyes again.

From what I was told when I went back on Monday, he did come in to jot down notes to all of my questions including the biggie "Where do I stick the syringe to rinse these?" Dr. Anderson invited him to take a look at the extraction sites and as soon as he saw my nerve and bone exposed, he turned white and know the rest of the story!

In all of my "what if" scenarios I ran through my head leading up to surgery, I thought of absolutely everything that could go wrong...except my driver passing out on me while I was the one with four large holes in my head!

Marriage! Never a dull moment.

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