When the Idaho Reptile Zoo opened their new location on Overland, something Tyler mentioned in his video tour shocked us. We had no idea that they were one of the few places in the state that could legally provide a certain type of turtle a home. 

We're not talking about one of the big tortoises he brings to Canyon County Kids Expo. We're not even talking about his much scarier snapping turtles. We're talking about a cute, unassuming water turtle that hangs out in the Idaho Reptile Zoo's feeding pond. A turtle that, as a turtle obsessed child, I remember seeing in books about turtles that I would check out from my local library!

This turtle? It's a Red Eared Slider, a water turtle that is pretty commonly found in pet stores. They're adorable, but are actually illegal to keep as pets in Idaho without a permit from Fish and Game. Red Eared Sliders aren't native to Idaho and are considered an "Invasive Species." When you scroll down, you'll discover a little more about why they're so troublesome in the Gem State.

Doesn't it seem crazy that what looks like a harmless turtle falls into the same category as a weed growing in the Boise Foothills that can make you go blind?! Naturally, we got curious about what other cute animals are considered invasive species in our neck of the woods. You can see the full list HERE, but these five that stood out based on their "awwwww"-factor.

5 Adorable Animals That Are Legally Considered 'Pests' In Idaho

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