Welcome to Valentine's Day weekend in the Treasure Valley. The time of the year when we celebrate love, romance, and monogamy, or at least we pretend to. Every year the sales of flowers, chocolate, and lingerie soar. According to BrickHouse Security, online surveillance tools' sales go up by 250% during Valentine's week. It's also the busiest week of the year for private investigators.

Valentine's Day can be a romantic time for many couples. Still, if you have that suspicious gut feeling about a cheating significant other, it is likely that you're right. Suspicious wives are correct roughly 80% of the time, and suspicious husbands are right nearly half the time. Private Investigator Magazine says that 80% of cheating spouses will try to spend at least a part of the Day with their affair partner. That means you could confirm your suspicion before you go to work on Monday if you act fast.

The first way is the cheapest and most direct, although the success rate isn't very high, this should be your first move: Ask them. If you're not satisfied with their answer, move to one of the next two options.

After not getting a straight answer, you have two options: do this on your own or with a professional's help. The cheapest way is to install hidden software installed on their phone. The best and most popular, according to Tech Times, is called mSpy. mSpy tracks messages on Facebook, What's App, and texts. It also keeps tabs on their location using GPS. The software costs $30 per month.

The best way is to hire a pro to do a full investigation. The cost can range from $45-$75 per hour, but you will get your definitive answer. Here are the top three private investigators in Boise according to Google reviews:
Steadfast Private Investigators - (208) 949-1425

Custer Agency - (208) 562-0200

MS Recoveries & Investigations - (208) 918-1254

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