Everyone loves a doggie parade.  Well, except maybe the dogs.  They don't really seem to realize the full greatness of costumes as much as their owners do, but they do seem to get happy about tricks and treats.  They'll have plenty of those at the upcoming Boise Dog Carnival at Julia Davis Park too.

It's a free event and it's happening Memorial Day Weekend.  The Boise Dog Carnival runs from 9 am to 3 pm, Saturday, May 26th at Julia Davis Park's Bandshell area.

3 Reasons Your Dog Will Love the Boise Dog Carnival

1.  The dog trick contest.  We'll see dogs jumping, rolling over, shaking hands, catching balls, and maybe even riding skateboards, who knows.  It's amazing what they'll do for love, praise, and the promise of one bite of food.

2.  The Owner-Dog Look-a-Like contest. We've heard that the longer you're with your spouse the more you start looking like that person, and the same thing must happen with dogs.  Owners who have taken on an uncanny resemblance to their pets are not embarrassed by this one bit and we love them for it.  Watch for some curly-haired folks that match their Poodles, tired faces that look like St. Bernards, and beards that rival a Schnauzer.

3.  The frisbee catch contest.  Dogs love to run and jump and catch stuff, but why is it usually the big dogs that are the best at it?  Small breeds like mine seem totally disinterested in grabbing anything in mid-air, and they will probably be no match for the Labrador Retrievers that do this for a living.  They'll show us how it's done, but we'll be cheering on the little guys too.


This will be fun.  And how many events are both kid and dog-friendly?  If your kids are like mine and they want to take the dogs with them in the car everywhere they go, this is one of those times it makes sense to say yes.  The dogs and the kids will all have a blast and exert some of that boundless energy, which is the goal of most parents and pet owners on a daily basis.

And we help a good cause at the same time at the Boise Dog Carnival.  It will be a fundraiser for Maiden’s Hope, which provides housing and an education for teenage girls in the Philippines who have never had a chance to attend school.

If you're staying in town for Memorial Day Weekend, this will be an event to put on the calendar.  You can register now for the dog parade and contests BoiseDogCarnival.com.  See ya there!

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