I hope you had a great long weekend and had the chance to relax and recharge.  I spent 24 hours at the Washington Coast visiting a place from my history. 

My family, for about 10 years, would make our trip from Seattle where I grew up to the southwest corner of Washington State to what is today Cape Disappointment State Park.  It's at the intersection of the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean, right across from Astoria Oregon.

Connell - Cape Disappointment Sign

It was a place I would ride my bike for hours, play with my cousins who made the trip from Spokane, spend time on the beach, climb rocks, adventure through the driftwood, and it holds great memories for me.

Connell - Cape Disappointment Driftwood

I'm not the most sentimental person, but as I drove along the tree-lined 2 mile stretch of road into the park, the memories flooded back, and I had such a great feeling.  I remembered graduating from my BMX bike to one with gears over the years, and being trusted to take mini adventures on my own.

Connell - Cape Disappointment North Head

I remember the beauty of this special place, and I was grateful to have a chance to see it today.  Truth be told, not a lot has changed.  The bathrooms are nicer, there are some new camping options, and maybe most apparently, I have gotten bigger or everything is smaller in scale.

I even found the campsite my parents always tried to reserve for us, number 143.

Connell - Campsite

I was surprised by how much it impacted me, but I guess when this was a place I visited and grew up at over a decade, it makes some sense.

It was a perfect 24 hours. 

Connell - Driftwood

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