Here we are into the new year and we’re already talking about the prices of homes in the Treasure Valley! What can we say? We can’t help it that Boise is one of America’s hottest destinations for people to move to! broke down the top ten housing markets that are set to BOOM in 2022 and to absolutely no one’s surprise, the Treasure Valley came in second.

This could be due to a multitude of reasons because if we’re being honest with ourselves and the rest of the country… Boise, Idaho just does life better. From the beautiful views of the mountains to four seasons of weather to being the home of Boise State University, there is so much the Treasure Valley has to offer. It’s absolutely no wonder we’re seeing an influx of homebuyers from California; you get more bang for your buck here.

Downtown Boise Idaho just after sundown with Capital building

While this could easily be a point of pride for all of us, it does come with an alarming statistic for prospective homebuyers in 2022. The rankings come from three year-over-year categories that include sales growth and price growth which make up the combined growth.

Boise is sitting at 12.9% in sales growth which is just less than 3% behind number one, Salt Lake City, Utah. The margin is even closer when it comes to price growth with Boise coming in at 7.9% which is just 0.6% behind Salt Lake City, Utah, giving Boise a combined growth of 20.8%.

Capitol Blvd, Boise, Idaho
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What is amazing to me is how none of those numbers seem as shocking as the median home price of $503,959! Yes… half a million dollars will get you into a comfortable home in Boise. Not bad, right?

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