Seems like over the last few days it's been nostalgia movie time.  Monday the new trailer from "Star Wars, the Force Awakens" was released and today it's "Back to the Future" Day.

For those of you who haven't seen the "Back to the Future" movies, they are as iconic as "Star Wars."   "Back to the Future" was a trilogy, the episode traveling to the future was "Back to the Future, Two." It was today, 10/21/2015, that Marty traveled to.  So today is Back to the Future Day.

Some things from "Back to the Future, Two," were right on, others still haven't happened or will never happen.

"Jaws 19" is playing at every theater.  Cars look like they are from "The Jetsons."  Women had some really bizarre hairstyles (not that some today aren't strange), billboards are holograms, Tupac Shakur performed at Coachella 2012. The big one was Hoverboards which still aren't anywhere near what they were in the the movie. Pepsi costs $50.00 a bottle due to inflation. Pepsi is paying tribute to the movie with a Pepsi Perfect bottle that will run you about 20 bucks.  Marty does put on a pair of glasses that resemble Google Glass. Video chatting was the norm, they were spot on with that one. The Cubs won the World Series.  Big screen TV's, news drones and hands free video games were things they got right.

Let's go 26 years in the future, what are your predictions for 20 years from now?

Kevin Mee

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