If you're someone who's truly contemplated buying one of those t-shirts or decorative canvases that reads "I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry," you know just how important this can be. 

In our experience, there are two types of "hangry." There's the type of hangry where you're so depleted of energy that you literally want to sob over the fact that something is keeping you from food. Then there's the type of hangry where you may just snap at anyone who approaches you the wrong way. Either way, there's been research done that proves your brain has difficulty managing emotions while you're running on empty.

When you're feeling that way, it's essential to get food in your belly before you crack. Having to wait through an exceptionally long drive-thru line just make things worse. Maybe that's why we're overwhelmed with gratitude when the attendant at window is incredibly friendly. Their kindness, along with the sustenance they handed through your window, just makes you feel good. You drive away with a big smile on your face thinking "Wow. That really just turned my day around."

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Which drive-thrus in the Treasure Valley can you count to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling? For me, it's always been the Taco Bell on Broadway. I look forward to how friendly they are almost as much as the Doritos Locos Tacos I'm about wreck.

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We polled our listeners and according to you, these are nine other drive-thrus that offer service with a smile!

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We had an equal amount of shout-outs for the Chick-Fil-A locations on Franklin Road and Broadway Avenue in Boise. Chick-Fil-A has a reputation for their friendliness nationwide, but Misha H. really appreciated the fact that one of our local Treasure Valley locations was willing to hook a momma-to-be up with a bag of ice at 8 a.m. without any questions asked!

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Dutch Bros at Franklin and Linder

Like Chick-Fil-A, it's hard to talk about "service with a smile" without mentioning the famous Bro-istas at Dutch. While this common throughout the chain, there were a couple of locations that were given multiple props. Hannah J. says this location makes her her day "Every. Dang. Morning." Jamey F. replied to her comment with a cute message they wrote on her lid the same morning.

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Gyro Shack

We can't disagree with Kathi! We love the crew at Gyro Shack too. We don't want to cost you experiencing their great customer service at the drive-thru...but if you want us to deliver it to your office, don't forget you can win lunch HERE. 

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Cheese curds? Check. Butter burger? Check. Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet? Check!

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Arby's on Milwaukee

We couldn't agree more. Thank you for your compassion and my spoon after I had my wisdom teeth ripped out of my head last summer. That Jamocha shake and your kindness really made me feel better that it had been two weeks and I still couldn't eat solid food!

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Blimpie at Emerald and Maple Grove

Michelle M. couldn't remember his name, but she said there's an older gentleman that's been working at this location forever that makes the entire experience!

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Dutch Bros on Orchard

Again, we know Dutch's reputation for over-the-top kindness at all of their locations but there's a young man out there who got his name because of this location. Katherine M. says Isaiah doesn't work at this location anymore, but he was so awesome when he did that her grandson was named after him.

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Burger King on Broadway

Times have changed and now the drive-thru at this location closes at 10 p.m. But many moons ago? It was one of the few drive-thrus you could talk your DD into swinging by on the way home from a night of "extra fun" in Downtown Boise. They were always really nice and super patient. While they may not be dealing with intoxicated folks at 2 a.m. anymore, the kindness hasn't changed!

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Westside Drive-In

This really goes for both the State Street and Boise locations. You don't become an Boise icon without having a staff as awesome as the food!

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