If you have kiddos that participate in recreational sports in the Nampa area, you know how difficult it is for them to train year-round, unless they have access to a school gym or can make it to the Nampa Recreation Center. But what if there was a dedicated indoor sports center that could accommodate for year-round training and recreational space? Would you sign up for that? I know I would.

My bonus kiddo plays soccer and when the weather is crummy, her practices get canceled, and kicking a ball in our home is just, well, out of the question. So where can we take her? Well, hopefully, come this Fall, we -and you- can take our little ones to a place called Mettle Sports, a proposed 33,000 square-foot youth sports center near the Nampa Dog Park in East Nampa.

According to Idaho Press, the center is the idea of four Nampa brothers who were frustrated with the lack of facilities in Nampa for kids to access year-round for training for sports or other recreational activities. So, they decided to build their own!

The center is two years in the making with over $400,000 invested in the project so far. According to the Idaho Press, Cap Ed Credit Union is also a partner in the project. The Mettle Sports will be intended for children 8-18, however, they do plan to welcome adults to use the facilities, particularly, during school hours.

Once the process goes through the city planning step, construction should be able to begin, and we could see the doors open this Fall.


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