As soon as the first official day of Spring hits, I get anxious for all the amazing farmer's markets around the Treasure Valley to get up and running. Luckily, we won't have to wait long. According to Boise Weekly, the first farmer's market to bloom (I had to) will be the Boise Farmer's Market. However, don't start driving to the corner of 10th and Grove in Downtown Boise because the market has changed locations!

According to Boise Weekly, BFM is literally opening their doors to their new brick-and-mortar building at 1500 Shoreline Drive in Boise next Saturday, April 6 (through Oct. 26). They've apparently been looking for a new home for a while that could accommodate more vendors and offer more parking for visitors. This seems like it will solve both those issues.

Ok, so what if you're like me and loved to go to BOTH farmer's markets in downtown Boise in the same morning? Well don't worry, there's a plan in the works to get you to and from the BFM to the Capital City Public Market on 8th and Idaho which will be celebrating 25 years of offering locals fresh goodies when they open on April 13 (through Dec. 21).

According to Boise Weekly, BFM Interim Marketing Manager, Tamara Cameron, said there's a plan to provide a shuttle to and from both markets. Aside from the shuttle, BFM will have a large bike corral as well as an opportunity to rent scooters and bikes for easy access to the downtown area.

What if you don't live in Boise, though? Don't worry all the neighboring cities in the Treasure Valley have their own farmer's markets and have just as many amazing local vendors offering the best in produce, dairy, meat, and handmade items. Here's a rundown of all the farmer's markets in the Treasure valley.


  • Boise Farmer's Market - 1500 Shoreline Drive (Saturdays - April 6 - Oct. 26)
  • Capital City Public Market - 8th and Idaho (Saturdays - April -13 - Dec. 21)
    • CCPM Mini Market @ JUMP (First Thursdays. - 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. -- April - Oct.)
    • CCPM Mini Market @ 34th St. Garden City (Wednesdays. - 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. -- June-August)








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