Let's be honest, sometimes the morning commute can be a little stressful. 

And that's exactly why my fiancé and I aren't looking to move out of Southeast Boise anytime soon.  Right now our apartment is exactly two miles away from the front door of the station (I know that because I've ran it before.) I get anxiety trying to get out of our neighborhood and to Meridian or Nampa on time for anything.  The smallest slow down can turn a 20 minute drive into a 45 minute snail crawl down I-84.

Some of you may have experienced that exact feeling if you were commuting to work in Nampa on Wednesday morning.  So what caused the back up this time around? Was it an accident? Did a truck dump its load? Did a plane land on the freeway again? (Yes, that actually happened in Boise in October 2015. We couldn't make it up if we tried.)


According to Channel 2, a man was running down I-84 in his underwear between the Franklin and Northside exits. Yes...you read that right. A man in his boxers, running down the freeway is what made you late for work today.  Police took him in to custody and it's unclear whether or not he's facing any charges.

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