Every year, the crowd-sourced review site and directory, Yelp releases a list of the "Top 100 Places To Stay." The list highlights top user-rated hotels, inns, campgrounds, guesthouses, resorts, and stays across the country. While they don't tell us every factor that goes into coming up with their list, we know that some factors include the number of ratings and actual reviews between January 2021 and May 2023.

Only one hotel made a list in Idaho, and it wasn't the one we typically think of. It wasn't The Grove; it wasn't Hotel 43 or the Inn at 500, either. It wasn't even Sun Valley Resort.

TripAdvisor user tricia h
TripAdvisor user tricia h

The only Idaho hotel to make the Yelp Top 100 Places to Stay in 2023 was The Limelight Hotel in Ketchum. The Limelight is a reasonably new entry to the Ketchum area, opening in the last week of 2016. The hotel fills an entire city block between 4th Avenue and Wood River Drive on Main Street in downtown Ketchum. It has 99 rooms and 14 luxury condos.

It is a surprising choice considering the hotel only has 69 reviews with an average of 4 stars. Other hotels in the state have far more reviews, and one even gets a higher average rating. For example, The Grove has 204 reviews that average 3.5 stars. Hotel 43 also averages 3.5 stars on 113 reviews. The Inn at 500 Capitol has 84 reviews and averages 4.5 stars, while the Sun Valley Resort averages four stars on 72 reviews.

That's not to say that the Limelight isn't deserving. The reviews for the hotel are great, and the pictures will make you want to book a stay there this summer.

A Look Inside The Limelight Hotel in Ketcham, Idaho

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