Finding a franchise quarterback is no easy task.

Heck, it feels like the Cleveland Browns have been looking for one since Pop Warner was roaming the sidelines. The Rams found one -- Kurt Warner -- stocking supermarket shelves. So, you never know where or when it will happen.

Could this woman find herself under center one day as the next Peyton Manning?

Her throws are on the money. Of course, even third-string QBs you've never heard of have mad skills -- you're a good athlete even if you're on the bench in the NFL -- so it's hard to gauge just how good she'd be with a mammoth 340-pound defensive lineman coming at her while she tries to read the defense to make sure she finds the open receiver.

Still, we can forget all of that for one moment and just enjoy the beauty that is this woman's fantastic aim. The Browns might be wise to see if they track her down, just in case Robert Griffin III doesn't pan out.

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